your Life.

Improve your skills.
In the new normal we are living, there is
also opportunity for new skills.
Powerupp will help you connecting
you to your best future in the
post-pandemic era.

Coming soon:
worldwide data on COVID-19 PANDEMIC STATS

will change
your life
for the better.

This isn’t an endorsement trade market
where you give out a
recommendation or endorsement
hoping another one in return.
The confidentiality ensures that
there’s no fear of saying things like:
“No, John is not a good
team leader as he thinks he is”

Swipe down for No, swipe up for Yes.

Powerupp promotes fairness and a collective mind to work out who’s the best at what they do

and empowering them on those areas and skills

Your news feed doesn’t just end when you validate how good other people are at what they do.

You're constantly building your profile with answers to simple questions about you, showing your interest in events and current affairs or adding people to your network all through a swipe.

Powerupp knows best.

Maybe you need a plumber?
A developer?
A Scientist?
Or maybe you want to
change/update your skills.

Fast, easy,
and addictive.

It brings real results with minimal effort.

So how does it all work?

Healthy professional competition

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